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JvdB Productions is a music production company that produces and composes music for songs, trailers, jingles, films and advertising.
Embracing the world he lives in he can’t wait to work on your project, producing the music of tomorrow.



“This dynamic young producer has an innate sense of harmonies and scales. He picks up things without you noticing it and almost effortlessly converts what he sees and hears into different tracks that depicts a certain feeling or purpose. During the production, the keyboard of his synthesizer is an extension of his body and mind. He is a virtuoso, having his fingers playing the keys like he is drawing in loose sand. He always dives right into the musical spectrum and he likes to take people with him on his journey. No rush, but cautiously sneaking on the hunt for the perfect ingredients for each music fragment. No tight plan, but dedication guided by intuition.”

– Rob van Kraam


JvdB Productions, founded in 2019 by Joep van den Boom, provides original music fragments for artists and multimedia. Joep is a composer and music producer currently based in Enschede, the Netherlands. Examples of his productions are songs, jingles, trailer-music and commercials for different types of costumers – companies, filmmakers and artists. The fragments vary between a few seconds and a few minutes.

Born in Amstelveen, Joep was exposed to various types of music in his youth. Films like The Lion King and The Greatest Showman made him fall in love with music even more. He started composing music and playing the piano from an early age, producing his first tracks under the name Difterbeat at the age of 13. He soon discovered that he had a preference for both electronic and acoustic pop music, but it wasn’t until after he graduated from high school that he knew he was destined for a career in music. Before devoting himself into music production, he first immersed himself in producing and mixing music at the ArtEZ University of the Arts. Everyday is a new day to get better at what you love doing, and for him that is producing & composing music and writing songs.



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